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Personnel Hoist

The meaning of the term – "personnel hoist" – is quite straightforward: personnel hoist is a construction site elevator that allows workers to access high levels of a structure. Personnel hoists provide safe, fast, efficient way for the workers to reach higher floors.

Some of the benefits of using personnell hoists include increased work efficiency and safety, improved access for state inspectors, firefighters, medics and other emergency workers, and meeting the union recquirements. 

The cabins (cars) of personnel hoists are constructed in the way to protect the personnel that's using the hoist from a possible fall. For that purpose, either the towers of the personnel hoists or their cabins must be fully enclosed on all sides (excluding of course the doors of the cabin). Complete overhead protection also must be provided. The personnel must not exceed loading capacity of a hoist at any time, so naturally the information of that loading capacity as well as any other key safety instructions must be displayed very conspicuously in view of every worker using the personnel hoist.

Another important safety element of the man lift (an alternative commonly used name for the personnel hoist) that must be accessible and clearly visible to anyone inside the personnel hoist cabin is the safety stop switch. The stop switch must be installed on every personnel hoist, and there should be no doubt for anyone in the hoist cabin about the purpose of the stop switch.  

Personnel hoists usually utilize rope wires as the force transfering medium. Strict government regulations determine when the "fatigued" wire rope should be replaced. For safety reasons, every personnel hoist must be equipped with car arresting devices, in case of wire rope failure. Also for safety reasons, there are locks on the inside of the gates of the personnel hoist cabins. Those locks must not be accessible to people on the outside of the hoist cabin. Personnel hoists are designed in the way that prevents the hoist cabin from moving up or down when the cabin door is open.

Typically, a personnel hoist's cabin moves up and down alongside the hoist tower. Only fully qualified professional engineers are permitted to design personnel hoist towers and cabins.

We, All–Safe, LLC, are a group of such professional engineers, and would be glad to provide your construction sites with the kind of personnel hoists they deserve. Please feel free to call us for more information: 718-389-9400.

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This personnel hoist project for Muss involves 3 personnel hoists with 40 feet setbacks, starting up from 6th floor. The site is current and is located a College Point Blvd in Queens, New York

Personnel Hoist 1

Personnel Hoist 2

Personnel Hoist 3

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